About Us

Nomadic, Full-time Life in Progress

Jimmy and Christine retired in March and April of 2018, just a little over a year after buying their first motorhome. They became full-time explorers when they sold their house and hit the road. They hope to share their experiences and inspire others to live life to the fullest.

Their interests include off the grid RV’ing, Geocaching, KETO, photography, minimalism and RAW feeding of their pets.

The Driver

Lover of nature, hiking and surfing the internet. Hermit by nature. Retired: Process Operator

The Navigator

Lover of nature, hiking, reading and exploring. Hunter of Geocaches. Retired – Production Data Analyst

The Co-Pilot

Oversized Yorkie, lover of the outdoors, chaser of all things that move (!!SQUIRREL!!) and hater of people in uniforms. Time indoors is spent trying to play with Max, but Max ain’t having it!

The Escape Artist

Kitty explorer, dog hater (he really likes Crowley, but doesn’t want anyone to know) and lover of fine food. Max is a seizure kitty and must take medicine twice daily.