Max’s Notebook – Life iz Changing

Journal of a traveling cat

Dayz 706 – New home

My hoomins bought mez a new houz. It haz lotz of hiddy holes. I do not think theyz know where I am. Can youz see me?

Dayz 725– Day at park

The hoomin with no hair (where did it go iz big question) took mez to the park. We walkz on hard ground and played in treez. I do not like high up in treez, maybe Iz not really cat. Did you know treez smellz good? I falls out, but no onez is looking.

Hard stuff iz fun to walk on
Treez, I luvz dem

Dayz 731– couch heater

Sometimes on cold days (below 85 degrees), the throne that “the hoomin that feeds me” constantly sits on emits warm, soothing air. Iz no idea where it come frum but feels good! 


Dayz 736 – crossing bridge

Watr!! When these hoomins want to go to other side they just use their house to cross. We float across on this metal thing. Scary and nosey noisy, I nevr purr! I no like water!

NO crossz watr!

Dayz 738 – watching lake/getting wet

The lake has many crawling and chirping things, odors and shiny objects. It also has watr! I do not like watr!!  Shiny head tried to put this cat in watr. I scratched heem good for that prank!!!

Iz still, no onez seez me
Toez no like watr!!

Dayz 741 – state line

Alabama, whatz that? Does my food come from there?


Dayz 742 – Harnessed in the woods

Sum times my hoomins put this caressing green thing on me. Always means this cat go-win outside. Purrrrr! Explore woods, scratch treez, catch bugs and chew grass till I throw up. Luv it, purrrr!

Iz a hunter!

Dayz 745 – travel day

Ugh! Not purr on moving day. House moves around and makes my tummy sick. Lick myself to feel better. Wait… itz rocking me to sleeeepppppp……

Bounzy houz

Dayz 749 – bad day

Wake up from nightmare, muscles sore, bones ache. HUNGRY! Crying!! Scared!!! Hoomins worried. HUNGRY!

Iz no feelz good

Dayz 766 – help drive

Shiny head makes our home go to new places. He’z not good, I must help.

look at road Hoomin!

Dayz 767 – get food

Hoomin who feeds me eating sum thing smellz good. Puurrr! I want but she’z eating it all gone. If I don’t look, shez not think im interested and might drop some.

Dayz 789 – dog

I told hoomins to NOT KEEP DOG! Told them to let smelly thing play in street. Now smelly thing that barks sleeps in cat’z bed and licks me when I not lookn. Yuck!

Go away licky icky

Dayz 800 – geese

Giant birdz! I want eat but geese say they will eat me first. Rowr! Big birdz scare me…. Iz tell no-onez!

I run, I hidez

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